Becoming Orthodox

We believe that every human being is made in the image of God and possesses the same human nature assumed by our Lord Jesus Christ in the incarnation. Therefore, we believe every human being has been called to membership in his body, the Orthodox Church.

Visitors to this website and to our church will find themselves in different stages of interest in Orthodoxy, and we have some who attend our church on a regular basis but have (still) not become Orthodox for a variety of reasons. We believe our calling is simply to be the Church to everyone who encounters us, and to offer a joyful and faithful parish home for them.  

For those who decide to become Orthodox, we have an established process for sacramental reception. Its first stage is becoming an inquirer. Typically, a person, a couple, or a family will begin attending the services and speaking with the pastor about their interest. They will be encouraged to attend one of the courses of learning we offer, and to become acquainted with some of our parishioners.

If and when they reach the conclusion that they desire to become members of the Orthodox Church, they will then be received as catechumens. This stage of the journey into Orthodoxy can last several months to a year, depending upon prior Christian formation and knowledge about the Orthodox faith.

Finally, when the time appointed for their reception arrives (for many this will be the glorious feast of Pascha), they will be sacramentally received. At that point, their journey into Orthodoxy ends, and their journey into the kingdom of heaven begins.